Molly Ridgeway Anderson, Apraxia, disability, goals

My Story

Disability Advocate | Speaker | Encourager

I grew up in Florence, Alabama, and was diagnosed at 18 months with a nonverbal disability called Apraxia. However, my disability doesn't stop me from achieving my goals.


I graduated from Maryville College in Tennessee in 2018, which is where I also found the love of my life, Joshua Anderson. We got married a month after I graduated from college. We also have a sweet black Labrador named Alex, who knows sign language.

Currently, I am in graduate school at the George Washington University seeking a Master's degree in Political Management, and I work for an agency that helps people with disabilities find jobs! I use my iPhone as an assistive technology device at work.

labrador, ASL, sign language

The ASL Bill 

The idea for our recently-passed ASL Bill came to Josh and I as we were sitting down after studying for finals. I asked why there weren't any schools in Tennessee teaching American Sign Language (ASL). We both agreed that there's definitely a need for ASL to be taught in high schools across the state. 

After sitting down with Senator Becky Duncan Massey and Representative Roger Kane - who both agreed to sponsor this bill - Josh and I went to Nashville several times to lobby various legislators and speak in front of committees. Both the House and Senate voted for the bill unanimously and it was signed into law by the Governor.